The last few days of women stepping forward with their experiences of sexual harassment, assault and general sexism has been a mix of emotions for me. Angry, proud, sad, inspired, frustrated are some that come to mind. The one that doesn't come to mind is surprised.

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Endoscopy adventures and new vlog!

I had a helluva week this week. Most of it was spent in preparation for my Upper GI Endoscopy I had done on Wednesday. I don't like hospitals, anesthesia makes me nervous and I generally just don't like being under the weather, especially when it's a choice. I kind of felt like I was waiting... Continue Reading →

Trying out YouTube

Hello planner friends! I made a thing, and it's on YouTube! I started to write a blog post about my recent medication struggles, but I couldn't really figure out what to say. Plus, I thought I'd explained enough on Instagram and I didn't have the energy to type it all out again. So, I decided... Continue Reading →

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