Well, hello there!

It’s so great to meet you. Please, make yourself comfortable.

You may know me from my Instagram account, @plansandprana, where I mostly post photos of my Bullet Journal and my dog, Baillie. Sometimes I even post about other things in my life.

If you know anything about the Bullet Journaling world, you know we are like a little family. That’s my goal of this blog, to be an extension of my Instagram page and, in turn, an extension of the Bullet Journal community.

Of course, Bullet Journaling isn’t my only interest. I also enjoy talking about yoga, thus the “Plans and Prana” name. I attend a yoga studio in Nashville, Tenn., three to four times a week. On days I don’t practice there, I try to cultivate a home practice.

I also love to read, and even though I don’t have as much time as I’d like to sit and devour a book, I do still get my fill with Audible. I keep up with what I’m reading in my Goodreads account, which I have a link to on the home page if you’re interested!

Another big part of my life is that I have a mental illness–anxiety and panic disorder–and I’ve taken to writing about my experiences and thoughts on mental health. It’s both cathartic and (hopefully) helpful and inspirational to others in the same position!

I’m married to the best person in the world and from time to time will mention him on here.

Other things I love: coffee, giraffes, tea, technology, cooking, baking and THE BEACH.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to say, “hello!”